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Dinstar uc2000-vg 32port GSM gateway

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  • 32 SIM slot, 32 antennas
  • Signaling & RTP Encryption
  • Built-in antennas combiner (Optional)
  • SMPP for SMS
  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
  • HTTP API for SMS
  • WCDMA: 900/2100Mhz or 850/1900Mhz
  • Polarity Reversal
  • LTE: Multiple frequency choices for different countries
  • PIN Management
  • SIP v2.0, RFC3261
  • Codecs: G.711A/U , G.723.1, G.729AB
  • SMS to Email, Email to SMS
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Call Waiting/Call Back
  • DTMF: RFC2833, SIP Info
  • Call Forward
  • Programmable Gain Control
  • GSM Audio Coding: HR, FR,EFR, AMR_FR,AMR_HR
  • Mobile to VoIP, VoIP to Mobile
  • HTTPS/HTTP Web Configuration
  • SIP Trunk and Trunk Group
  • Configure Backup/Restore
  • Port and Port Group
  • Firmware Upgrade by HTTP/TFTP
  • Caller/Called Number Manipulation
  • CDR(10000 Lines Storage Locally)
  • SIP Codes Mapping
  • Syslog/Filelog
  • White/Black List
  • Traffic statistics: TCP,UDP,RTP
  • PSTN/VoIP Hotline
  • VoIP Call Statistics
  • Abnormal Call Monitor
  • PSTN Call statistics: ASR,ACD,PDD
  • Call Minutes Limitation
  • IVR Customization
  • Balance Check
  • Auto Provisioning
  • Random Call Interval
  • SIP/RTP/PCM Capture
  • Auto CLIP
  • Work with Dinstar SIMCloud/SIMBank (Optional)
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Dinstar uc2000-vg 32port GSM gateway offers a stable connection between VoIP and mobile networks.  You can use it for any office and  call center for calling purpose.


1 review for Dinstar uc2000-vg 32port GSM gateway

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